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Supplies of Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories to the Agricultural and Related Industries

We supply high quality replacement parts for all leading makes of tractor and agricultural machinery.

Items shown are representative of the range - please ring for machine application.

Other Paints

High Temperature Paint


VLB5708 Matt black high temperature paint.


Fast drying and heat resistant to 600°C.

Floor Paint

Polyurethane floor paint with extremely high resistance to abrasion, oil, gasoline, diesel and other chemicals found in the workshop environment.


VLB5711 Grey Floor Paint 5 litre, VLB 5712 20 litres

Rust Killer

Rustkiller Produces a tough, flexible coating which protects against corrosion and also converts existing rust into a stable condition.


VLB5709 Rust killer paint

1 litre

Hammer Finish Paint

Black VLB5717 1 litre
Light Blue VLB5714 1 litre
Light Green VLB5713 1 litre
Silver Grey VLB5715 1 litre

Zinc galvanising spray also available, please ring for details.

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