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Supplies of Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories to the Agricultural and Related Industries

We supply high quality replacement parts for all leading makes of tractor and agricultural machinery.

Items shown are representative of the range - please ring for machine application.

Machine Enamels A-F


Vapormatic Machine Enamel is particularly suitable for coating machinery and other structures requiring a weather resistent finish. The balanced viscosity provides excellent working characteristics whether application is by spraying, dipping or brushing. All colours are available in 1 litre cans with a limited range of more popular colours supplied in 5 litre cans. 400ml aerosols are also available (but not shown) in popular colours.

Make/Type Colour 1 Litre Code 5 Litre Code
General Bright Aluminium VLB5004
Gloss Black VLB5001 VLB6001
Gloss White VLB5000
Matt Black VLB5002
A S Marston Blue VLB5124
Allis Chalmers Persian Orange VLB5151
Amazone Green VLB5103
Case IH Black VLB5105
Case IH Power Red VLB5059
Case IH Red VLB5010 VLB6010
Case IH White VLB5012
Case IH Beige VLB5109
Case IH XL Red VLB5011
Caterpillar Yellow VLB5051
Claas Green VLB5038
Claas Red VLB5039
David Brown Chocolate VLB5060
David Brown Hunting Pink VLB5187
David Brown Orchid White VLB5013
David Brown Poppy Red VLB5058
Deutz Blue VLB5034
Deutz Dark Green VLB7013
Deutz Green VLB5014
Dowdeswell Green VLB5070
Fendt Green VLB5015
Fendt Grey VLB5110
Fendt Red VLB5009
Fiat Brown VLB5016
Fiat Orange VLB5017
Fiat Terracotta VLB5073
Fiat 90 Series VLB5072
Fiat/Uni Dark Blue VLB5097
Fiat/Uni Orange VLB5127
Ford New Holland New Line Grey VLB7002
Ford Blue VLB5018 VLB6018
Ford Construction Yellow VLB5021
Ford Grey VLB5019
Ford Chassis Grey VLB7002
Ford New Blue VLB7001
Ford New Holland Agricultural Grey VLB7005
Ford New Holland White VLB7000
Fordson Blue E27N VLB5191
Fordson Green N VLB5193
Fordson Orange N VLB5190
Fordson Empire Black VLB5046
Fraser Green VLB5123

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